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Camp 1:27

It all started back in the Spring of 2014 when the Lord blessed our team of high school juniors and seniors with the life-changing opportunity to serve the beautiful children of Romania in His name. We served in two orphanages, where we were able to be tangible expressions of His love to those who had only known abandonment. See these children, ranging from toddler to teenager, aren't "orphans" in the American sense of the word. Instead, through human sin they have been societally defined as "unwanted," "undesired," "unloved," "abandoned." They grow up only knowing and believing these ugly words to be definitive of their identity. The lack of love is rivaled only by the amount that it is craved. This hunger to feel desired going unmet eventually hardens many hearts, resulting in an anger-driven fight for your life mentality that permeates the orphanages. It all started back in the Spring of 2014 when Jesus used this reality to shatter my heart so that He could later reform it into a vessel that longed to serve Him.  

Fast-forward to Summer of 2017, when I was blessed to return to the place where I had left my heart 3 years prior. Serving in the same orphanages, the reality again broke me. I felt the Lord calling me to something bigger than just visiting and serving short term. I felt Him calling me to advocate for the restoration of His children- a restoration of love, hope, joy, and His intended design for childhood. It was from this calling that The 1:27 Project came to life, and it is from this ministry that we hope to give life back to these children. Earthly fathers may fail, but the Heavenly Father doesn't.

Restoration doesn't happen in a day. It's a process, one that is beyond me but not beyond God. We are all vessels into which oil flows in and pours out of. In Romania, the number of empty jars is daunting. However, God promises us in 2 Kings 4:6 that the oil will not stop flowing until every jar is full. Clinging to this promise, I know the blessings will not stop flowing until restoration is completed.


To God be the glory. 

-MacKenzie Roux 

    Founder of The 1:27 Project

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